Curated narrations 

for writers.

Unlock new value from your written work by transforming it into audio! Ad Auris creates instant narration customized to fit your content and target audience. 
Distribute by Audio

Instantly transform your written work into an audio experience. Give your readers more ways to access your content throughout their days. 

Maximize Reader Engagement

Lengthen engagement time by providing seamless transitions from reading to listening so that your readers can stay engaged any time, any where.

Drive Subscription

Habitual and more fulfilling engagement drives subscription from your readers.

More completed articles = higher willingness to pay.

Targeted Custom Narrations

Customize your audio narration to fit your content and target audience. Our dashboard will help you understand your reader's audio preferences.


narrated by Ad Auris


"This has ben a great value-add for our newsletter. We wholeheartedly recommend them. We’ve had a thoroughly wonderful experience with Ad Auris. They listened to our requirements and customised narrations based on our feedback."

—  Pranay Kotasthane and Raghu Sanjaylal Jaitley, Anticipating the Unintended


Instant Narration

Get instant, high quality narration for your work. Low time and cost commitment to create audio content with our scalable text-to-speech tool.Customize your narration with 80+ voices in 35 languages, and a suite of post-production features. No need for voice actors or a production studio!

Integrative Audio

Integrate the audio narration onto your publication for a seamless switch-to-audio option for your readers. Keep your readers engaged on your page while providing increased accessibility to fit modern news consumption habits.


Boost your subscription revenue by analyzing your listenership data and customizing your narration to fit your audience's tastes. Provide greater value from a single piece of writing. Track how long listeners stay on your page and how that converts to monetary gains.


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