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Instant Narration

Get instant, high quality narration for your work. Drop a url or upload a document and have it transformed instantly into a quality narration.  


Low time and cost commitment to create audio content, no need for voice actors or a production studio!

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Seamless Distribution

Sharing your work has never been this easy. Integrate your narrations right next to your article, for a seamless switch-to-audio option. 


Distribute them on any podcasting service, or even download them as an mp3 file to integrate on services like Substack.

Customizable Audio

Provide greater value from a single piece of writing. Transform your narration into an audio masterpiece effortlessly with custom musical scoring, audio mastering, and more.

Our AI will get to know your library of written content and create new audio products for you. You do the writing, and we'll take care of the audio.


"This has ben a great value-add for our newsletter. We wholeheartedly recommend them. We’ve had a thoroughly wonderful experience with Ad Auris. They listened to our requirements and customised narrations based on our feedback."

—  Pranay Kotasthane and Raghu Sanjaylal Jaitley, Anticipating the Unintended

Distribute by Audio

Instantly transform your written work into an audio experience. Give your readers more ways to access your content throughout their days. 

Maximize Reader Engagement

Lengthen engagement time by providing seamless transitions from reading to listening so that your readers can stay engaged any time, any where.

Drive Subscription

Habitual and more fulfilling engagement drives subscription from your readers.

More completed articles = higher willingness to pay.

Targeted Custom Narrations

Customize your audio narration to fit your content and target audience. Our dashboard will help you understand your reader's audio preferences.

Start your audio journey!

Try out all our features, speak with an audio engineer, and see how you can bring your content to life with audio.

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