Are you a listener or a publication?

Are you a listener or a publication?

Transform your written work into audio.

Simple and fast audio for writers, bloggers, and publishers.
Generate more engagement
Increase your engagement metrics such as time spent on site, recurring visitation, and propensity to subscribe.
Expand into new audiences
Interact with new audiences looking for audio content by publishing your narrations in the right place using the right promotion.
Offer accessible content
Offer optionality to your audience, give them the power to choose whether reading or listening fits better with their needs.
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Customized Sound

Create a custom narration sound that aligns and enhances your existing brand. Create one sound for all your stories, or get granular with a custom sound for each of your publication verticals.

Instant Distribution

Auto-narrate all your stories using an RSS reader and distribute instantly to your website with one line of code. Opt-in to distribute your narrations to Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Live Data Tracking

Track how your audience engages with your audio stories. Improve your narrations by focusing on drop-off points and focusing on your audio-suited content.


Integrate advertisement into your narrations seamlessly with Google Ad Manager. Leverage analytics to strategically offer audio as premium content for your subscribers.

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Expand into new audiences!
"The narration is a very good addition. It has made me consume much more regularly. All text heavy newsletters must seriously consider!"
- Anticipating the Unintended Reader
Offer inclusive and accessible content!
"I love the audio. It gives me the option of moving around while listening intently. This a a health concern addressed. Thank you! "
- The Conversation Canada Reader
Generate more engagement!
"The narrations have been so great, I talked to one of our readers and she loved the narrations and didn't even realize that it was AI. A lot of people in the newsroom use Ad Auris regularly and love it too."
- Joey Lovato, Nevada Independent

Start Your Audio Journey

Begin working with our Audio Studio to create high quality narrations.

Start Your Publication's Audio Journey
Begin working with our Audio Studio to create high quality narrations.