4 Tips for Improving SEO with Audio Narrations

New content is published to the web every second of every day of every hour. Anyone who is hoping to grow their audience, or get their content noticed, understands the importance of SEO. Any web search for “SEO tips” will yield hundreds of thousands of pages. With so many publishers aware of SEO best practices, you may be wondering how to wiggle your way to the top. Keep reading and we’ll tell you how!

More publishers, bloggers, and writers are elevating their text with audio.  Including audio narrations for written content is an expectation that readers have when accessing content on the web. Adding audio is great for your readers, but according to Google, audio versions of text doesn’t necessarily improve your SEO rankings. While this may seem discouraging, especially to small and independent publishers, there is an easy workaround. The secret sauce is to distribute audio narrations to podcast hosting sites such as Apple, Spotify, and others. Podcasts are ranked independently, so distributing audio narrations to a podcast hosting site will amplify your SEO with minimal extra effort.

As far as improving SEO rankings for your podcasts, below are four tips to get your content noticed:

Keywords: Similar to maximizing SEO for written content, you need to know your audience and highlight keywords for your podcast. To use an example from The Conversation, an Ad Auris user, the following article , “Friendships end for many reasons, including differences exposed by the Covid-19 pandemic” is available to readers in text and audio format. The published text article has been tagged with the keywords: pandemic, friendship, Covid-19, listen to this article, and relationship. The same tags can be used when publishing this article as a podcast, along with podcast-specific tags such as, “podcast”.

Quality Audio: If you’re including audio narrations of written content, then producing podcasts doesn’t need to involve a lot of extra steps or effort. Users of the Ad Auris tool enjoy customization, sound-engineering support, music attribution, and other support features to easily create audio narrations and distribute to multiple channels at the click of a button. It doesn’t matter if your audio is AI-generated or is organically produced, your published audio content needs to be clear, easy to listen to, interesting, and engaging.

Broadcast Widely: If you’re publishing your audio narrations to podcast channels, don’t limit yourself to one or two. Distribute your podcast to all available channels. The same goes for written content, publish your content across multiple channels. The more your content is available across multiple channels, the more likely you’ll get noticed by new users.

Podcast Specific Link: Create a separate page with links to subscribe to your podcast channel. The idea is to atomize your content so it can be accessed and amplified for SEO.

Get the most from your SEO efforts by creating audio narrations of your written content and distributing to podcast channels.

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