Ad Auris Play Gives End-Users Control of Audio Narrations

One of the advantages of being a Canada-based start-up is that we can quickly pivot and test new ideas and concepts. We’ve spent a lot of time gathering feedback from people about how they want to consume media content, and by and far what we’ve heard most is that people want an easy way to listen to New York Times articles, or other publications that they subscribe to.  In response, we created the Ad Auris Play app, a platform where users can browse published audio narrations, as well as quickly convert any written article into an audio narration.

Our Ad Auris Play app is in beta testing, and we’re still accepting users to sign up and help inform us about features they want in an audio tool. As it currently stands, publications control what is available as an audio narration, not the end user. With our new app we want to flip the switch and put the end-user in the driver’s seat about what content they can access through audio.

We’ve designed our Play homepage so that users can quickly browse the catalog of existing Ad Auris narrations, such as The Conversation Canada or The Nevada Independent. We’ve categorized available audio narrations into a “Popular and Trending” section so you can quickly see what audio narrations are most listened to. But wait, it gets even better! If there is an article you want to listen to, but don’t see available in our audio list, you can simply click on the “Create Narration” to quickly convert the URL of any written article into an audio narration. From there you can save any article you’ve turned into an audio file in “Your Library” so you can return to your personalized vault of audio narrations at your convenience.

Requesting access to our Play app is simple. Simply sign up and get started. To help us continue to improve the Play app experience, we’re soliciting your feedback so that we can more quickly work out the kinks and build a seamless product that works for YOU!

Ready to listen Axios, The Atlantic, The New York Times, or other publications? Get started today by clicking here.