April 7, 2022

AI Voice Generation for Publishers is Now a Viable Option

Publishers, small and large, see the value in audio options for written content. For larger publishers with bigger budgets, adding audio may not be much of a factor; however, smaller publishers are mindful of every dollar spent, and while they would like to include audio options for their users, they may be under the impression that it remains too expensive to consider.

Looking for inexpensive options, some publishers have tried AI voice-converter software only to find that the audio experience sounded robotic and was hard to use and integrate into RSS feeds. Understanding such frustrations was partly what inspired us to create Ad Auris!

AI-assisted narration doesn’t need to sacrifice quality

Just because a newsroom or publisher is constrained by smaller budgets doesn’t mean they want to sacrifice on quality. Some publishers are small because they are singularly focussed on quality, not quantity. From Substack authors to independent publishers such as The Nevada Independent or The Conversation, what keeps users engaged is the quality of content and offering various ways to enhance the user experience. Our text-to-audio product is easy to set up; can be customized to create an original audio experience; and integrates seamlessly with RSS feeds.

Text-to-Audio in multiple languages

Another feature that sets our tool apart is publishers can select from multiple languages to narrate their articles. We have a number of Spanish-language publishers using the Ad Auris tool with great success. The publisher and CEO of La Noticia, Hilda Gurdian says that “We, at La Notica, are very excited to offer our audience the opportunity to listen to the stories besides reading them. We see the audio production by Ad Auris as a great way to serve our community at lanoticia.com

We believe that small publishers shouldn’t be at a disadvantage for improving user experience, just because they don’t have deep pockets. We understand the many challenges that are inherent to the publishing industry, and incorporating audio tools shouldn’t be one of them.

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