An Audio Narration Option For Publishers and Listeners

Like so many start-ups, Ad Auris was created when a gap in the market was identified. It was our own frustration at not being able to listen to New Yorker articles, or anything else we happened to be reading while commuting, that we started Ad Auris. The demand for audio narrations has been steadily increasing, but there wasn’t an affordable and easy solution for writers, bloggers, and publishers, which is where the Ad Auris product comes into play (pun intended!)

One of our co-founders worked with The Global Reporting Centre while in university and saw up close the challenges that independent publishers faced. We knew our tool had to be easy to use, intuitive, and natural-sounding if it was to have any utility for our intended users. With our team of engineers and developers, we’ve created such a tool and have partnered with a number of publishers, such as The Conversation; The Nevada Independent; and La Noticia, among others, to help them grow their audiences by offering audio narrations of all written and published content.

Our core product caters to publishers and we are currently beta testing a user-facing product, called Ad Auris Play, that allows users to control which articles they want to listen to as audio narrations. If you are interested in audio versions of the New York Times, Atlantic, New Yorker, or any other publication, we encourage you to sign up for our play app. We’ve posted content of all the audio narrations from our existing client publications, and have created an easy way for users to convert any written article to an audio narration.

Whether you’re a listener or a publisher, our core mission remains the same: Delivering a quality audio experience for the end-user and expanding audience reach by converting any written text into great sounding audio.

Interested in signing up for the Beta Testing of the Ad Auris Play App? Contact us Here.