Case Studies
April 7, 2022

CASE STUDY: La Noticia x Ad Auris

La Noticia drives audience engagement with one-step audio production.


La Noticia was an early adopter of Newspack, a CMS known for simplifying publishing and driving audience and revenue right out of the box, and with the added time to focus on reaching their audience in a meaningful way, they began to explore the option of audio content. However audio creation like CMS management can be highly technical and time-


La Noticia’s team started creating audio narrations of their stories using Ad Auris, which bypassed significant investment in audio production. By leaning on Ad Auris’s expertise, La Noticia could scale its audio offering quickly and focus its energy on generating impactful journalism. The Ad Auris tool integrated seamlessly with their Newspack site, requiring just a one-time setup.


La Noticia now offers narrations on every story they publish, unlocking additional time in their audience’s day for engagement. Readers can easily choose to listen to all stories directly on La Noticia’s site. Using the Ad Auris dashboard, La Noticia can see which of their stories perform best as narrations and how many minutes of engagement they’ve generated through audio. A simple onboarding and intuitive sign-up process for publications ensure there’s zero friction nor additional steps added to a newsroom’s existing publishing flow.

Listen to La Noticia's narrations here: