Case Studies
April 7, 2022

CASE STUDY: The Nevada Independent x Ad Auris

The Nevada Independent connects with their community in new ways with one-step audio production.


The Nevada Independent publications prioritize bringing independent and trusted news to their communities through mediums that ensure equitable access to information. Often times INN members are composed of smaller teams with a limited budget. Many publications in fact run on volunteers and funding from 501(c)(3) corporations.

The Nevada Independent is a reader-supported publication focused on ethical, unbiased and transparent journalism. With a focus on making their content accessible to a wider audience and offer a new option for their existing readers to engage more, they were compelled by the potential value of narrations. However audio creation can be a large financial investment and time-consuming.


The Nevada Independent’s team started creating audio narrations of their stories using Ad Auris, which bypassed significant investment in audio production. By leaning on Ad Auris’s expertise The Nevada Independent could scale its audio offering across all their stories, making their entire catalogue fully accessible in audio.


The Nevada Independent now offers narrations on most every story they publish, unlocking additional time in their audience’s day for engagement. Readers can easily choose to listen to all stories directly on The Nevada Independent’s site. Using the Ad Auris dashboard, they can see which of their stories perform best as narrations and how many minutes of engagement they’ve generated through audio. Listeners of their narrations have expressed their appreciation that the narrations have helped with their disability. Others have appreciated how audio is easier to consume and fits better into their days.

Listen to The Nevada Independent's narrations here:

Testimonial from The Nevada Independent