Future of Audio
April 8, 2022

Elevating Your Text with Audio

AI-Audio experiences are continuously evolving. The demand for audio content from small and independent publishers, such as La Noticia and The Stanford Daily, continues to grow, and consumers now have an expectation to be able to interact and consume content in multiple formats. It’s not that ‘print is dead’, it’s more that in order for print to survive, it needs to be modernized. That’s where audio content comes into play!

There is no doubt that consumers are choosing audio over written content. There are many reasons why audio is growing: it’s convenient; it’s scalable; it’s customizable; and it allows users to continue to engage with published content while partaking in other activities. The rise of audio apps, such as Speechify, are testament to the increasing popularity of audio options for written content.

Audio Narration Options for Publishers

If you’re a publisher, perhaps you are thinking that with so many words-to-speech products or tools available for consumers, that it is incumbent upon them to convert written content to audio. We couldn’t disagree more with this line of reasoning, and it’s not because we happen to make an easy-to-use audio tool for publishers!

For any publisher interested in maintaining or growing its audience, adding an audio tool will become a ‘must have’ feature, not a ‘nice to have.’ Incorporating an audio narration option benefits you, the publisher. We built our audio tool with publishers in mind. We know that in order to grow your audience you need to see metrics about user engagement. Our dashboard allows you to track how your audience is engaging with your audio content, and provides metrics about when listening times drop off. With such granular insights, you can improve your narrations by focusing on drop-off points and focusing on your audio-suited content.

There is little doubt that the demand for audio is there. Don’t burden the consumer with having to convert written content into audio. Incorporating audio tools is easy, scalable, and affordable.

To see how easy it is to convert your written content to audio, request a sample narration today!