Formatting your Article for Narration

For the best narration results we recommend formatting your article according to these guidelines:

1. Only include text that you want narrated.

If you are uploading a text document, please remove any text that you would like omitted in the narration. Typically this includes text such as:

  • Photo captions

  • Advertisement

  • Call to actions at the end of a story

2. Remove any square brackets from the text.

Sometimes square brackets can break the AI algorithm. Please replace all square brackets [ ] with parentheses ( ) or commas.

3. Add hyphens between the letters of uncommon acronyms.

Our algorithm will be able to pick up common acronyms such as (NGO, WWF), but with uncommon acronyms we can guarantee correct pronunciation if hyphens are inputted between the letters.

  • Ex. UJAP → U-J-A-P

Additionally, please note that acronyms that spell a common word, will be read as the word. If you would like the individual letters that make up the acronym read out instead, please add hyphens between each letter.

  • Ex. ADD → will be read as “add”. A-D-D → will read each individual letter

4. Upload a .txt or .doc file

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