Future of Audio
April 8, 2022

How Audio Narrations Published to Podcast Hosting Sites Improve SEO

Over the past few years we have worked closely with small and independent publishers, such as The Express newspaper. Our client list is diverse and spans the globe. From India to Australia, Central and South America to North America, a number of publishers have found value in the Ad Auris audio narration tool.

We’ve seen first hand the headwinds that small and independent publishers face. Every day seems to bring new challenges, and new possibilities for smaller publications. Many publishers we’ve worked with over the years understand the value including audio narrations of written content. Audio narrations are great for the end user, and they can help publications amplify their content across platforms and increase SEO efforts.

Audio Narrations boost SEO efforts

SEO measures can be enhanced when audio narrations are distributed across podcast hosting channels. Including audio versions of written content, while great for the consumer, doesn’t enhance SEO efforts. Audio narrations will improve SEO, and amplify content, when published to podcast hosting sites. The good news for users of the Ad Auris tool is this can be easily done, with minimal effort or time.

Audio Narrations as Podcasts

Some users bypass written content altogether and go directly to podcast sites to find topics and articles to listen to. Small publishers likely understand the value of podcasts, but creating independent podcast content requires time and resources that may not be available. The good news is that distributing audio narrations to podcast channels can expose your content to new audiences, as well as improve your SEO efforts–all at the click of a button! Any publisher looking to improve their marketing strategy should be broadcasting their content across as many channels as possible.

If you already publish written content, elevate your text with audio. It will drive growth and keep your existing audience happy to have various ways to consume your content.

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