Future of Audio
April 8, 2022

How to Easily Convert Written Words to Speech

Writers with audiences both small and large are continuously seeking ways to improve the user experience for their audiences. Whether you write for Substack, or are an independent publisher such as The Conversation, keeping readers coming back for more is the only way to survive. Publishers of all types are seeking out ways to convert words to speech so that audiences can consume content in multiple formats. Text-to-audio is proving to be very successful with consumers.

Audio Narration Tools for Publishers

With the explosion in popularity of podcasts, media consumers have pivoted from reading to listening. Legacy newsrooms identified the trend a few years ago and started incorporating audio versions of written content for their consumers. This was an easier possibility for publishers with larger budgets, but with computing advancements, it is now possible to create very human-sounding audio that is driven by AI voice-generation products.

It wasn’t all that long ago that AI-based text-to-audio tools sounded robotic and were non-starters for most publishers. If it’s been a while since you’ve familiarized yourself with the advancements in text-to-audio tools, you might be surprised at how far the technology has come! Not only can is it possible to easily convert written words into speech, it sounds great and can be customized to incorporate music, different voices, and different accents.

Customizable Features with Audio Narration Tools

Part of the motivation for creating Ad Auris was to give smaller publishers, writers, and bloggers the option to not only convert text-to-audio, but also to offer customizable features that gives publishers ultimate control over their sound. We were sensitive to budgetary constraints which is why we offer different pricing plans to fit the needs of your publication.

All of our audio tools feature RSS auto narration; real-time analytics; podcast hosting and distribution; a catalog of voices to choose from; sound engineer customizations and consultations; and more!

We realize that publishers need an easy-to-use audio tool if it’s going to be successful. No publisher has the time or mental space to devote to a product that doesn’t seamlessly integrate into existing infrastructure, or isn’t intuitive to use. There are many text-to-audio widgets that are available, but it becomes quickly apparent that these tools are more trouble than they’re worth. We’ve built our product from the ground up so that it can be deployed quickly and easily.

If you’ve been curious about introducing audio versions of your written content, there is no better time to try.

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