Incorporating Audio Content into Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing firms are working with clients to incorporate audio content into their marketing campaigns. There are many reasons why audio content is on the rise: it’s portable, it doesn’t require more screen time, and it’s an equalizer for those who struggle with dyslexia and vision impairment.

Audio Content Isn’t Just for Publications

Audio narration is a no-brainer for the publishing industry. Consumers expect to be able to access published content in written or audio form, and thanks to advancements in AI, audio narration is now an affordable option for independent publications, such as The Conversation and The Nevada Independent. Audio content isn’t limited to publications. More and more, we’re seeing brands incorporate audio content into their marketing strategies.

What Does Audio Content for Marketing Include?

Audio is a great way to reach customers, and when done right can increase connection, personalization, and engagement. Adding voice brings emotional depth and a sensory experience to your brand, and with AI-voice generation, companies can create personalized audio experiences to their customers. Here are three ways that audio content can be incorporated into marketing strategies:

1.)    Podcasts—Creating a sponsored or branded podcast is a perfect way to tell your story, provide insight about your product/service, and share your values. Similar to blogs, the most effective podcasts are educational and offer thought-leadership content. You can create original podcast material, or repurpose existing content from your blog.

2.)     Audiograms—Podcasts are longform, and audiograms are soundbites. Audiograms are short, concise, and pointed. They can range from a seasonal greeting, to providing audio narration to a still photo. The power of audiograms is they can be shared on social media platforms.

3.)    Converting Existing Content to Audio—It’s likely you already have a lot of written and visual content on your website, and with the Ad Auris AI-Driven Audio Studio, you can quickly transform written content into audio formats. By making your content more portable and accessible, you open up your brand to new audiences, while improving the user experience for existing customers.

Whether you’re looking to increase readership and subscription rates by including audio, or want to enhance your marketing strategy, Ad Auris can help you ‘audiofy’ your written content and instantly distribute across multiple channels.

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