April 7, 2022

Increase Readership and Subscription Rates by Including Text-To-Audio

Until recently, writers, bloggers, and publishers have had limited options to transform their written content into audio formats. It could be frustrating to see the rise in popularity of podcasts and human-narrated articles, but not have an affordable and easy way to participate in spoken-word options.

Recognizing the dearth of text-to-audio options is partly what compelled us to create Ad Auris. Too many times we heard from consumers that they wanted to engage with their favourite writers through audio. For some it was because they had long commutes and wanted to listen to articles and news. Others wanted an audio option because they were burned out on too much screen time. Whatever the reason, there is little doubt that consumers are wanting to engage with spoken-word content more and more. This trend has continued even with commutes being mostly eliminated due to Covid-19.

We are excited to support publishers, bloggers, and writers with our suite of text-to-audio narration tools. We’ve launched a number of options for easy conversion of written content to audio. Users can choose how elaborate or streamlined they want their audio tracks to be, from instant narration to high-production narration.

Many large news organizations, such as The New York Times and The Economist, have already included audio options for their subscribers. Offering another way to consume media helps drive subscription rates, and gives consumers more options for how they consume their information. Newsrooms across the globe are adding audio platforms to their websites and apps, as the demand for audio options continues to grow.

The good news for anyone who publishes content, and doesn’t have access to the proprietary audio platforms of large organizations, is text-to-narration tools that are easy to use and easy to include across various media platforms. Whether you’re a Substack author with a growing a following of readers, or publish newsletters that are distributed to select audiences, including spoken-word versions of your written content will provide increase readership and drive subscription rates.

See For Yourself How Text-To-Audio Can Work For You.