Narration Errors

What is a narration error?

A narration error occurs when the back-end of the narration tool is unable to complete a narration request. This can happen for several reasons such as: article URL is incorrect, article language is not English, article text is published in an unusual format. The most common reason for a narration error is when we're unable to retrieve or identify the text portion of the article. In these instances our narration system doesn't know what it's supposed to narrate.

Types of articles prone to narration errors:

We've narrated many different types of articles and have found that the following tend to be prone to errors...

  • Articles published on uncommon Content Management Systems (ex. Wordpress, Drupal, Substack are all common CMS's)
  • Non-english content. At this time the Play - Beta is only available in English
  • Articles with a lot of embedded multimedia (ex. Social media embeds, videos, advertising)
  • Articles behind pay-walls. At this time Play - Beta is only offering narrations of non-paywalled content.

How to prevent narration errors: 

To guarantee the best experience with Play - Beta please check that your article does not fall under one of the categories above. We recommend using the tool with articles from common news sites or those that use Wordpress or Substack as their publishing platform.

Please report narrations that are inaccurate or poor quality using the flag feature and/or give us your feedback here: