Ad Auris Play

What is Ad Auris Play:

Ad Auris Play is a platform where listeners can browse existing spoken-word audio as well as narrate articles they'd prefer to listen to. On the homepage you can browse the catalogue of existing narrations by Ad Auris. The "Popular and Trending" section is where you can find a highlight of the best narrations and hopefully discover something new!

If you can't find any narrations you want to listen to, don't fret! Simply click on the "Create Narration" button in the sidebar.

In the "Your Library" page you'll be able to create narrations of articles you would prefer to listen to. Simply copy the URL of the article and paste in the input box under "Create a Narration". Within a few minutes a narration should be generated for you to listen to. Under "Your Library" you'll find a list of all the narrations you have created, you can come back to this list anytime and pick up narrations where you've left off.

Our vision: 

The Play application is still in beta mode! We want to test whether empowering you, the listener, to control how you want to interact with content helps you engage with stories more frequently and thoroughly. Right now unless a publication chooses to offer a narrated version of their story, most readers are stuck with only one option of engaging with written content. Often times this leads to multiple tabs being opened in a browser window, never to be revisited due to lack of time or opportunity to sit down and read the story.

We hope that by having the tool to listen to some of the stories on your list, you'll be able to consume more content on the day to day and feel more satisfied with your subscriptions and use of your time.

How you can help: 

Just by signing up and using the tool you're already helping us understand what we can do to make our vision a reality! If you want to help us further please give us your feedback here: FEEDBACK FORM or reach out to us directly at

Some of the things we're interested in picking your brain about...

  • When do you prefer to listen to content and when do you read?
  • What type of content is best suited for audio?
  • Is the audio quality good enough to keep you engaged?
  • Have you discovered any new content on the Play homepage?