April 7, 2022

RSS Feed iframe versus Regular iframe. What's the difference?

How do I embed a narration on my website?

To embed the audio player on your website, copy the iframe from the dashboard and paste it into the HTML of your site. Watch this video for more details.

What is the RSS iframe?

The iframe you receive when you set up auto-narrate with RSS, is the code that will distribute all narrations made from that RSS feed. Any article that is part of your RSS Feed, and therefore automatically narrated, will appear where your RSS iframe is embedded.

What are the other iframes?

When you manually upload a single article for narration (for example, an article that might not be part of your RSS Feed), you will need to embed its unique iframe on your website. The RSS iframe will not be able to distribute narrations requested separate from the auto-narrate process.


Say your RSS Feed includes the following articles:

  • How to feed your dog.
  • How to brush your dog’s teeth.
  • How to make dog treats.

Once you set up Auto-Narrate with RSS, these three articles will instantly be narrated. When you visit the dashboard page for this RSS Feed, you will see the iframe code needed to embed the audio player on your site:

Embedding this single iframe code on to the page of each of the three article pages, will automatically result in the corresponding narration populating the audio player. So for “How to feed your dog”, the narration of this article will appear in the audio player, and not the narration for “How to make dog treats”.

Now, lets say you have an article, “The best cat toys”, that is not part of your RSS Feed. You still want to narrate this article. You can do so by manually uploading the article text:

To embed this narration on to the article page, you will need to copy the unique iframe code for “The best cat toys”.

Copy and pasting the RSS iframe to “The best cat toys” page will not work because this article was not part of your RSS Feed.

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