Text to Speech (TTS) Software Built for Publishers

There is no shortage of Text-to-Speech (TTS) software on the market. The interest in TTS software has exploded over the years, and according to Emergen Research, the global text-to-speech market size is expected to reach more than $7 billion by 2028, and register a compounded annual growth rate of nearly 15%. The TTS market includes both software and services. If you’re wondering how this affects small and independent publishers, we’re glad you asked!

First off, there are so many useful applications for TTS software. Audio narrations increase accessibility and expand audience reach by making content available in multiple mediums and across multiple platforms, such as podcast hosting sites. Not only are deepening your audience reach by including audio narrations, you’re also maximizing your SEO efforts, so that you’re getting maximum exposure for your content.

How Does the Ad Auris tool compare to other TTS tools?

The Ad Auris narration tool is more than a standard TTS tool. Our product allows publishers to add the ‘audio play’ feature at the beginning of any article, so that readers can easily become listeners. What’s more, our tool is customizable so that publishers can select from a range of voices; add music; insert different voices for different parts of the article (headings, sub-headings, etc.); and, distribute to podcast hosting sites. Our tool is uses synthetic speech, but this doesn’t mean you’re limited to robotic-sounding narrations. What sets our product apart from so many TTS tools, is we built our product with small publishers in mind. Upon first signing up, our team of engineers works closely with you to customize how your audio narrations sound. There are a lot of small tweaks that need to be done to written content so it sounds natural. Our AI-tool learns to recognize written features and how convert it to a natural-sounding audio experience. For instance, our tool is trained to recognize grammatical features of written content so that it sounds as if a live-person were reading. Most TTS software tools do not have such built-in features.

Audio Narration tool built for publishers

A quick internet search for TTS software will quickly yield up the various TTS software tools available. While there are lots of free and inexpensive options out there, most of them are not built specifically for publishers. Beyond some of the features listed above, what makes the Ad Auris tool a publisher-first TTS tool include:

One-time setup—We know that publishers have limited bandwidth to tinker with a new tool. Our tool is easy to set-up so that you can focus on writing and leave the audio experience to us. After getting set up, meeting with our sound engineers and tech team, you’ll be on your way to adding audio narrations to all your published content.

Live data tracking—Publishers pay close attention to their metrics. Our tool includes live-data tracking so you can see how your audience engages with your audio narrations.

Monetization—Publishers can integrate advertisements into their narrations with the Google Ad manager.

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