Three Tips for Amplifying Written Content with Audio Narrations

The “Audioverse” is here, and any publisher, marketer, writer, or content creators that isn’t including audio versions of written content is missing out. You don’t need a large budget for audio narrations, thanks to advancements in AI technology and easy-to-use audio narration tools that allow any written content to be converted to audio.

All publications, from legacy newsrooms to independent publishers such as The Nevada Independent, seek to drive greater audience engagement and forge relationships with readers. We’ll share with you three tips that any publication can employ to drive growth:

Tip #1: Include an Audio Player

The first step in enhancing the user experience is to add audio options for all written and published content. Don’t put this off by thinking that it will be difficult or expensive. It’s not! The great news for publications with an online presence is that any new and archived content can be ‘audiofied.’ There is no better or easier way to amplify your profile than by adding audio narrations.

The Ad Auris audio narration tool can quickly be embedded on your website and any published content can be converted to audio.

Tip #2: Create and Curate Audio Content

Don’t worry, when we say ‘create and curate audio content’, we aren’t suggesting that you have to devote additional time and resources to a new category. We understand how busy publishers are and how tight budgets are. Our tips to drive user engagement won’t create a lot of extra work or resources. We’re all about leveraging and amplifying the work you’ve already done.

As for creating and curating audio content, once you’ve embedded our audio narration tool into your website, you can now start to create an audio-first space where users can go to browse audio content. This is another way of organizing your published content so that users can access your work from different angles. This is an easy way to enhance the user experience, and highlight your work in new ways.

Tip #3: Podcast your Content

Any written content that includes an audio version can be easily distributed across podcast hosting channels. This is another proven way to get the most out of your written content. Since we’re all about making your life easier as a publisher, you’ll be happy to know that once you’ve created an audio narration, you can quickly distribute your narration to podcasting channels. The Ad-Auris AI-assisted tool quickly converts text to speech, and with a few extra steps the audio narrations can be distributed across various podcast channels. Not only will this expose your content to new audiences, it will also amplify your SEO efforts.

In the “Audioverse” every platform, format, and device contribute to the user experience. When the right audio tool is deployed, users are presented with various options for consuming content. When audio narrations are distributed across multiple channels, you expose your content to a wider audience. Audio can be a primary and complementary medium for users. With minimal effort and little expense, audio narrations allow you to amplify your content and engage with existing and new audiences in meaningful ways.

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