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An AI-Powered Audio Studio
A marriage between cutting edge AI technology and human support
One-Time Set Up
Focus on writing great stories, and we'll do the rest.

Our one-time set up process ensures that you and your team won't need to change your production flow or carve out new time to create audio stories. Work with our sound engineers upfront, and we'll automate the rest.
Customized Sound

Create a custom narration sound that aligns and enhances your existing brand. Create one sound for all your stories, or get granular with a custom sound for each of your publication verticals.

Instant Distribution

Auto-narrate all your stories using an RSS reader and distribute instantly to your website with one line of code. Opt-in to distribute your narrations to Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Live Data Tracking

Track how your audience engages with your audio stories. Improve your narrations by focusing on drop-off points and focusing on your audio-suited content.


Integrate advertisement into your narrations seamlessly with Google Ad Manager. Leverage analytics to strategically offer audio as premium content for your subscribers.

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The AI Audio Studio
The Ad Auris Audio Studio is a unique combination of top of the line synthetic voices and human-driven customized narrations. Our three layered process ensures only the most accurate and engaging narration of your content.

We begin by cleaning your text so it's ready for narration. You have control over whether you want to include photo captions, on how you want to narrate graphs and data, and much more.

With narration-ready text we then use the best synthetic voices to give your stories life.

Finally we layer post-production editing so that you get the benefit of an audio studio even with AI voices. Give your narrations character with personalized messaging, music, introductions, and summaries, just to name a few.
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