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A New Way of Creating Audio with Ad Auris
Oral story-telling was once the primary form of relaying information, and today we've come full circle with people leading increasingly busy lives. Text content no longer fits as well into the daily habits of consumers.

We felt this inconvenience strongly ourselves. We weren't finishing articles as regularly, always putting them down to do other tasks: commute, work out, cook.

Publications are facing a big problem, readers are abandoning them for more convenient forms of engagement. So we decided to create Ad Auris.

Increasing written content is competing for, and losing,  attention share to audio content. As podcasting has proliferated, a new generation of consumers have become regular listeners,  

Ad Auris is designed for the publication. We want newsrooms to embrace new forms of storytelling so that their readers can also be listeners. Ad Auris believes in helping publications make their content more inclusive and accessible in the easiest way possible.

We want to bridge the gap between AI synthetic media and human care and creativity. We hope you'll join us in our journey.

-Varun, Logan, and Tina
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